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When do you open?

We open every Saturday for air rifle. We open every other Sunday for clay pigeon shooting.

The club opens at 10am, last entries are 12.15pm.

Please see our diary for scheduled shoots.


what is clay pigeon shooting?

Clay pigeon shooting is the art of shooting at special flying targets, known as clay pigeons or clay targets, with a shotgun.


what is air rifle shooting?

Air rifle shooting is the art of shooting at static targets at different distances.  Air rifles use pellets. 

We have spinners and traditional card targets of various sizes for different ranges, from 20 yards up to 60 yards for advanced shooting.


what is sporting?

Clay targets are presented to the shooter in ways that mirror the flight pattern of game birds.  The aim is to provide a shooting environment that offers different layouts and challenges the shooter.

The course is laid out in stands or stations. On each stand clay plates are thrown in pairs, either simultaneously, on report, or following and generally in three to five pairs per stand. A course consists of numerous stands, where generally 60-100 birds may be presented. The course setter can use any type of clay and with variation of speed, angle and distance to make the shoot as enjoyable and testing as possible.

How is sporting shot?

An average shoot may comprise of around 6 to 10 stands used to shoot around 60 to 100 clay targets.  The shooter calls 'Pull' for the clay with the gun in or out of the shoulder and shoots the target.

WHat is the best gun to use for Sporting?

A sporter gun would normally consist of a 28″ or 30″ barrel with a multi choke. A 32″ tube can be more helpful with the more distant clays as it steadies the gun more. A fixed choke gun would normally be choked a quarter or a half. The sport gun has to be very adaptable with its maneuverability, having good handling characteristics to help with the variety of different clays.


I have never shot before, can i have a go?

Yes.  We offer tuition packages for novices.  Included in these packages are everything you need on the day so all you have to do is show up and have fun.  We usually offer the 25 bird package for beginners and the 50 bird for intermediate shooters.

We have two packages available (both packages include use of gun, cartridges and tuition:

  • 25 bird - £43

  • 50 bird - £78

These also make great gift experiences, so be sure to purchase your vouchers here.

Tuition sessions are also available for air rifle shooters.  For £30, shooters are taught the basics of the sport along with safety instructions, gun and pellets are provided and shooters can continue to shoot until closing hour.


Yes.  We are currently offering a course of four sessions, two beginner and two intermediate at a discounted rate when purchased in advance. Please speak to Sev to find out more or discuss bespoke options.


what is COMPAk sporting?

Compak Sporting is a relatively new Clay Shooting discipline consisting of targets used in English and International Sporting.

There are five stands per layout with five shooters per squad.

Each layout consists of shooting 25 targets, 5 per stand in one of the following sequences:

• Five single targets

• Three single targets and one double, (on report or simultaneous)

• One single target and two doubles, (on report or simultaneous).

Any type of target can be used, be it standard, rabbit, mini, battue, mini, rocket, etc.

How is compak sporting shot?

Shooter’s change firing points every sequence of targets throughout the 25 that makes up a round. Single/Double targets are fired when the shooter calls with their gun out of their shoulder.

WHat is the best gun to use for compak Sporting?

An open choked sport gun is most suitable for this discipline, as most targets will not be fired at a very distant range. A multichoked gun would be more adaptable for courses with special differences.


what is skeet?

Targets are fired horizontally over the range from two houses of differing heights, one high and one low. Two firing positions are situated by each house with five others linking the two together at an equal distance through a semi-circular curve. A typical round would normally have 25 targets.

How is skeet shot?

5 shooters would shoot each in turn from each firing position. Starting on the left under the high house. First clays to be fired would be two singles (high then low house), followed by a simultaneous pair. These are shot from each peg except for 3 and 5 as only singles are shot on these pegs. The 25th and final clay can be either a repetition of the first target to be missed or a final single from the last shooting position. This is only used if the shooter is currently on a perfect score. Preceding the centre shooting position the high target must always be shot first on the pairs. At the centre position the shooter must inform the referee about which of the two from the pair they are going to shoot first. The remaining pegs would see the low target shot first. The shooter calls for the clay with their gun pre-mounted or gun partially to their shoulder.

WHat is the best gun to use for skeet?

Skeet guns have been very lightweight, short in length (around a 28″ barrel or less), and openly choked. A 30″ barrel with less choke with an improved cylinder or quarter in both barrels.


How long does it take?

This is entirely dependent on the shooter.  An experienced shooter will complete the sporting course on average in an hour depending on how busy the club is on the day.

Tuition sessions also last on average an hour to an hour and a half, again dependant on the capability of the individual.


How many birds is the sporting?

We have an 80 bird shoot set up for sporting.  We also offer compak and skeet which is equivalent to 25 birds.

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